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Monday, April 16, 2012

The chalkboard tag tutorial

Today, Mary and Daniel who run chalkboardthings store on Etsy are sharing a great tutorial how to make this cute chalkboard tag.

Spring! It’s time to turn to gardening and home decor. Today we will show you how to make a chalkboard tag on a clothespin for your flowers or your table decor or whatever you like :)

In our studio we are making all sort of chalkboard things - from mirrors and frames to wall clock and children puzzles. We have a secret receipt for a chalkboard paint, but you can buy it in artists shop. It is matte and it has a special chalk-texture. You can draw and write on it with any chalk and erase with a cloth. It is water resistant.

So, to make a small chalkboard tag (aprox. 7x5 cm) you will need:
piece of plywood (we are using 4 mm)
pencil and ruler
fret saw
white paint, brushes, chalkboardpaint
clothespin and glue

Don’t be afraid - it is easy. We will show you how - step by step.
Draw a shape of your future tag.

Cut it with a fret saw.

Round the edges - it is not necessary, but looks great!

Make it white - paint both sides with white paint (we are using acrylic colours). The more layers - the better. We are doing it twice or thrice. Leave to dry.

With the help of the tape make future chalkboard surface.

Put 3 or 4 layers of chalkboard paint and let your future tag dry.

Remove the tape. Glue the spin!

That’s it! Your chalkboard tag is ready. You only have to take a piece of chalk and draw or write anything you want.

Story by Mary and Daniel (chalkboardthings).
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