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Friday, January 14, 2011

Meet Lanadearg

Picture a cold blue January day when a blizzard is covering cars and buildings in a down blanket of snow. Trees shiver and shake from the howling wind… Rare passers-by, wrapped up to their ears in their warmest scarves, race by trying to escape the cold and get home as fast as possible… On a day like this it is great to visit a warm and cozy store, and I know just a place. It is a store filled with sunshine, warmth, and love - it is the "Argentinian Sun" store by Etsy seller Lanadearg.

Lana, the owner of the store, is a wonderful host and she would love to show her creations to you. Lana makes and sells hand-knit scarves, hats, and accessories.

Her works will immediately impress you with their elegant yet simple design, flawless workmanship and unbelievable feeling of warmth and love coming from them. Her scarves will keep you warm no matter how cold the weather gets, her hats will resist any wind. You will look great in it on a skiing slope or taking your date out in the city on a cold day.

Lana creates her hand-knit items in a variety of styles. For those of us who love to knit but do not consider themselves to be a professional, Lana's shop has knitting patterns and tutorials. Using step-by-step instructions provided by Lana you would be able to create a masterpiece yourself, just pick your yarn and color.

Also, Lana has a blog where she explains the knitting how-to. This is extremely useful for knitting beginners The blog also has a ton of other useful information such as recipes, fitness tips, bead jewelry tutorials and so on.

Come on in, visit Lana's store. I am sure that among all these soft, warm, and cozy hand-knit items there is a special one waiting for you.

Story by Lana (FineEmbroidery)
Translated by Alla (FleetingStillness)

This story also available in Russian there


SocksAndMittens said...

Great feature, I love Svetlana's knitted goods!

TonyaUtkina said...

Amazing warm and cozy items! Love those bright colors! All of the items are perfect for chilly and cold weather!

Fine said...

Beautiful store, lovely person!

Vikulya said...

So amazing knitted items!Such accurate!I like them!Interview is so interesting!Good Luck, Svetlana!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much !

GalaFilc said...

Lovely knitted scarves

IrinaN said...

Great story :)

daimblond said...

I love your work, Lana!

rizalaYa said...

Lovely designs, colors and patterns!

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