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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Post cards exchange, International Women's Day. Team Event

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If you were born in Eastern Europe or lived there for a while you know that March 8th is officially known as a International Women's Day. It is loved by many and is widely celebrated in this part of world. The tradition was started at the beginning on 20th century by Clara Zetkin as a political event but over the years it has been transformed and it is still alive! To celebrate this now a days men buy a bunch of spring flowers, chocolates, post cards and some times even jewelry. These gifts are given to most all the women that a men or boys knows, starting with a teacher or a schoolmates to the co-worker, wife and of course, their mothers! Men are not themselves this day :) They are cooking, cleaning, watching kids and simply just being angels - ahhh! Sometimes we wish March 8th would last forever!

If you moved to another part of world recently you probably already sadly found out that the most of the world is not celebrating Women's Day on this date. There is no special attention, flowers or sweets just because you are a women... it is so sad!

Well, for those of us who is missing Women's day - let's have some fun and exchange some cute post cards between our team members!

The rules are simple to follow and will be announced on our team forums thread! Albina (Aroundbeads) is kindly agreed to be a curator for this event so if you have any questions regarding this exchange please do not hesitate to ask her!

Story by Tanya (Socksandmittens)
Photo by Irina (IrinaPhotography)


TonyaUtkina said...

Great idea! Love that wonderful holiday!

IrinaN said...

Great idea! I'm in!

Katrinshine said...

Great idea!

Albina M said...

it's so true about Woman's Day "in another part of world "
I am definitely in!

rizalaYa said...

Miss this holiday, I like the idea!

Beautiland said...

Супер идея!
Я с вами!

Marina said...

Где найти правила?

Unknown said...

Superb! Iam with you too:O)

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