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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Machine knitting, seamless sweater

Fall is here and we are all getting ready for the holiday seasons. If you love to knit and have a knitting machine, this knitted sweater might be exactly what you need to make for someone you love. Lyudmila from woolsolution made one for her shop and shared how to make it with us.
This article is NOT a pattern description and is intended to help knitters with some experience to save time and speed up knitting process.  This technique is suitable for some adult knitwear and works great for children’s sweaters, cardigans and vests. As a result the garment is seamless and provides comfortable fit.

If you have a knitting machine with a ribber attachment check the manual for tubular knitting.

Before starting the project knit a swatch and do all necessary calculations. Set up the carriage to knit fabric clockwise and use a waste yarn to cast on EON (Every Other Needle).

You will knit front when carriage  moves from right to left and back of the garment when carriage moves from left to right. Keep in mind that a row counter at the end should show required number of rows times fore for mock ribbing and times two for the rest part.  When you reach  required depth of mock rib  (Number of Rows times 4) bring all needles into work and continue knit clockwise to reach required rows for front/back.

With all mentioned above considerations  work each sleeve at a time increasing one stitch in every 8-10th row on one side.
Machine part is over. Now combine stitches on a circular needles skipping 8 or 10 (4-5 sts on both sides of the imaginary seams)  stitches in under arm area on sleeves and the body of the future sweater. Continue knitting forming raglan or round yoke and bind off at neck line.

This color schema includes stitches decrease instructions. Before start yoke make sure your number of stitches is dividable by 8 in order to get whole number of the given motif.


Arctida said...

Great instructions! Thanks for sharing ladies :)

Katya said...

You're so talented. I could never be able to do something like this! :)

Ольга said...

Very useful information! Thank you!

Unknown said...

Great DIY and very nice colour, just love this!

ReStyleGraphic said...

Great instructions. Thank you!

Unknown said...

To me, any knitting feels like an amazing and unattainable skill, almost magic, so I really admire what you do. This is a lovely sweater, very stylish and comfortable looking!

oksanai said...

very nice!
i like this

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