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Monday, February 20, 2012

Decoupaged candle DIY

Today I'll show you how to make an interesting yet simple decorative candle. You can give it as a gift, use it to decorate your home or find any other suitable use for it.
You will need:
a candle to decorate, white or natural color
a candle to burn
a decoupage napkin
a tea spoon.

How to make it:

Tear off a piece of decoupage napkin big enough to fit the size of candle.
Light one candle and hold a tea spoon by the inner side over the fire. It may become black but we will wash it easily afterwards.
Press the napkin to the candle with the outer side of the hot tea spoon and smooth it alongside the second candle.

You may need to heat the spoon several times in order to decorate the whole candle.
The work is done now. As we "glued" the napkin to the candle with its own wax, it will burn together with candle.
Have fun!

By Nataliia (Grimme)


Lanadearg said...

great idea! I like a lot, thanks

Anonymous said...

Love the idea, thank you!

weird amiga said...

Love the pattern you chose —so dainty! They look pretty enough to gift. :)

assorted candy said...

you say to use decoupage napkins...are these different from regular paper dinner napkins?? thanx for any info or help you can provide!! =) candy

assorted candy said...

you listed decoupage napkin as the type to this the same as a paper dinner napkin?? thanx for any help or info you can provide!! candy =)

Ellen Taylor said...

sweet project! tfs

Fanypap said...

Thank you for this excellent idea!!!I follow you!Kisses from Greece.

Unknown said...

Nice work. Easy to have fun with teens

Natalya said...

оказывается так просто)))

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