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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Russian Artists team meeting in Israel

It seems that our first meeting was not long ago but  it was actually almost a year ago. Our team has grown and we have a lot of new members. The life for many of us has changed or we have had some new things in our lives. I had some new things also! 

My name is Natalya and I am running the bonbonland shop on Etsy - welcome to my boutique! This was a second meeting of the Israeli division of the Russian Artist Team on Etsy. Like the first time, I had the pleasure and honor to host the meeting. 
So there we were, gathered together to share our news and experience. Let me introduce my guests!

Perhaps the most exciting news was from Sveta Nes from the nesaquarelle shop on Etsy. She has a new baby boy named Tom! Well done, mate!  
A person can see so many wonderful little works of art in Marina’s miopupazzo shop on Etsy! For example, this doll: 
 This summer the American publishing house C & T Publishing is going to release Marina's book called Enchanting Art Dolls and Soft Sculptures. There are 8 projects there. You will find out how to make a doll by yourself, the main points about sculpting, costume crazy quilting with embroidery and more. Hip-hip hooray to Marina!!!
Now, I would like to introduce two friends of mine. Please welcome Ira and Lena "Simsisters". They are two sisters and beautiful ladies who run the kimuka shop on Etsy and make the wonderful toys and excellent pictures. They bring smiles and positive energy to my life and to the life of everyone who are lucky enough to be in their circle.
Take a look at Svetlana's (Lirigal) work. Her beautiful jewelry pieces are simply masterpieces made from thousands of beads in different shapes and colors. 
Anna (polskyanna) came to our meeting from Ashqelon which is very far away in southern Israel.
A very good friend of mine and a beautiful lady is Lena Strozhenko (justlena) who also has a wonderful shop with about two thousands sales. She makes more and more beautiful items!
I am happy to introduce a new member of our team, Ira who runs irushka shop on Etsy. I found her a very charismatic lady and a wonderful artist. This is what I love about meetings of this kind, you can always meet a new friend!
Our meeting was great and I am looking forward to see my old and new friends again.

Happy ETSY-shopping!

By Natalya (bonbonland)


Anonymous said...

from BelleCoccinelle

Beautiful story!
Love it!

Unknown said...

I would like to be with you, friends :)

Svetlana NES said...

Great story, Natalia!
Thank you!

IrinaN said...

Great story! Seems like you had a lot of fun :)

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