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Monday, March 7, 2016

Featured artist: Marina, Miopupazzo. Miniature art doll brooches

Miopupazzo shop is such a great place for collectors of unique miniature art doll brooches, toys and mixed-media collages. All of them are Marina Druker's (the shop owner) original designs and patterns.
 The best part, she can create your very own special custom piece of art using your photo!
Marina is also an author of "Enchanting Art Dolls & Soft Sculptures" book.

Here is what Marina share about herself:

There are so many interesting things in the world that a lifetime will not be enough to try everything. I have so many creative ideas but I need to restrain my desires.  I chose the miniature art.
I love a small size of my work. Typically, fabric art works are done in a large scale, a large wall panel or a quilt. I create the same layered textured effect but in tiny dolls dresses and soft sculptures.
I was born in the beautiful city of St.Petersburg, Russia. In my childhood, I learned a lot in various craft classes for kids. From the early age I visited the great museums, such as the Hermitage and Peterhof, many exhibitions of decorative and applied arts.

In 2003 I moved to Israel where I met wonderful people,  great weather and my inspiration to create dolls. I started to work with Paperclay and evolved my own signature style of tiny crazy quilting dolls dresses.
In 2012 I published my first book about doll-making and crazy quilting dolls dresses “Enchanting Art Dolls & Soft Sculptures“(C&T Publishing)
Even thought my biggest interest right now is creating tiny doll-brooches, in the future I would love to illustrate children's book using these techniques.
Collage and handmade dolls, isn't this fun?


Unknown said...

Very cute doll-brooches!

Natalya said...

Спасиба . Марина очень талантливый автор

winja said...

I always admire Marina's dolls! She is able to create such light and kind images)

Viki ReStyleGraphic said...

Marina is a very talented artist, I admire her dolls!

Unknown said...

lovely dolls!!

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