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Monday, February 4, 2013

How to make a pebble traffic game for your child

This game will be loved by all kids who love to play with cars. Nadia from HappyEmotions created this game for her 3 year old son. As she says, he can stay at it for a long time and loves to play it often. He is not always paying attention to the signs but just driving his cars on the roads.

Nadya is using pebbles for this game since children love them and they also keep their original shape and color. Another benefit of this game is nature awareness.

Please note, this game is for kids older than 3 years old due to small parts.

So to make this fascinating game you will need:

1. flat sea pebbles 1-1.5 inches in diameter
2. a set of acrylic paints
3. two thin synthetic brushes: slightly wider for painting and very thin for lining and lettering
4. acrylic varnish
5. soft wide brush for varnishing 
6. magnets
7. magnetic board
8. and chalk for the board
Don't get disheartened if you can't get magnets or the board - just draw the roads on a large sheet of card-stock.

How to:

 1. spread the pebbles out on a working surface 
2. paint the foundations with wider brush
3. when this layer of pint has dried, outline and paint details
4. when dry use wide brush to brush on varnish
5. glue on the magnets on the back with strong waterproof glue (I use epoxy) and leave to dry according to manufacturer's directions
6. on magnetic board or card-stock draw the roads as you please
The game is ready!
Tutorial by Nadia (HappyEmotions)
Translated by Nadia (crafts2love)


Arctida said...

Such a great tutorial! Thank you for sharing it ladies :)

oksanai said...

mi piaciono da sempre i sssi colorati! grazie mille! fantastico!

bysiki said...

Fun )))

Unknown said...

Thank you for posting my tutorial ))

Svetlana NES said...

Thank you, Nadia and Nadia!
My son will be glad to have that :)

Anonymous said...

good idea!!!

Unknown said...

Easy and fun!

crafts2love said...

very cute for little boys :)

Eugenie said...

A beautiful set of painted pebbles! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial!!!


IrinaN said...

Cute :)

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