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Sunday, July 10, 2011

A day in a lavender paradise

It is so nice to take a country road trip in the middle of summer, warm sun, rolling hills and a fragrant air. What else can you wish for? Just the great easy summer living feeling! There are endless farm fields that are full of juicy berries but in some parts of country there is also a time for a lavender paradise.

Straight purple rows and purple flower cloud right in front of you are worth a picture. The fragrance is just wonderful.

You will not be able to resist stopping by a lavender farm to take a closer look.

Go ahead, stop and enjoy yourself. Take some photos, cut some flowers and get a special little treat at the farm cafe. Fresh baked cookie with lavender buds or a cup of a warm steaming lavender tea will add some flavor to your day in lavender paradise.

Lavender has a special way to make you feel about it.

People are inspired by this simple purple flower to create, me included. While in Washington we stopped by many lavender farms, I took lots of pictures. Later I made some sketches and watercolors and during cold winter days created some simple charts of a lavender stems to cross stitch.

My special way to remember the fragrant summer.

Story by Tanya (AGardenCottage)

Here is some of our team members lavender inspired creations:

1. Herbolution 2. YanArt 3. Lasunka 4. StudioElenus 5. Svetkar 6. Yevgenia

7. CityCrochet 8. BelleCoccinelle 9. Visart


Fine said...

Wonderful story!

AlexMOS said...

Lovely pictures! Amazing story!!! Thank you very much!

Natalka Pavlysh said...

Wow! So beautiful!

Katrinshine said...

Great post! I never saw lavender but I'm working now in lavender shop)

Yuliya said...

So incredibly beautiful! Thank you for this inspiring story!

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