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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Holiday gift exchange 2015

Yearly holiday gift exchange has become a tradition for our team. Last year 30 team members from 12 countries  participated in this fun event.
Albina Manning (AlbinasJewelry) was the hostess for this event. Every participant was assigned a person to whom she (he) anonymously gives a gift. Participants also did not know from whom they will receive a present so it was a lot of fun to unwrap those packages.

Let us show you the Holiday gifts of 2015! 


Unknown said...

lovely gifts!

Unknown said...

Nice gifts!

lisa said...

I have to say, we just did one in the US on facebook. Of course it was open international, and this was my first time doing a gift exchange. I enjoy it and I can't wait to do the Valentine's day gift exchange as well.Great gift and post.

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