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Monday, January 17, 2011

Patchwork pillow tutorial

Today Katrin from Katrinshine will describe the steps to make a decorative sofa pillow cover in Patchwork "Spiral" style.

You will need fabric scraps, fabric for base, fabric for backing and a zipper of suitable length (I used a 40 cm long zipper).

Patchwork pillow tutorial
The images below show the steps in making patchwork detail:

Patchwork pillow tutorial
Patchwork pillow tutorialThe finished project has to be somewhat similar to the picture below showing the resulting patchwork design:

Patchwork pillow tutorial
Cut out the backing of the pillow. Place it together with the front patchwork detail. Pin them and sew together leaving one side open for the zipper.

Patchwork pillow tutorial
Invert and press the seams, then baste the zipper and sew it using a special foot.

Patchwork pillow tutorial
The pillow-case is finished!

Patchwork pillow tutorial
Tutorial by Katrin (Katrinshine)
Translated by Anastasia (Lightkeeping)


Arctida said...

Great tutorial! Thank you for sharing!

GalaFilc said...

This patchwork pillow is nice!

IrinaN said...

Great tutorial! Thank you for sharing :)

SocksAndMittens said...

Lovely pillow, it will decorate any house nicely! thank you for sharing!

rizalaYa said...

Nice pillow! Thank you for great tutorial!

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