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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Featured artist: Anastasiya Prosvetova, Prosvetovaart. Acrylic painting

When you see a picture that's touching to you, you wants to know more about its creator. That what happened with us when we see the beautiful works of our team member, Anastasiya at her shop, Prosvetovaart. So we contacted her and asked to tell us a bit about herself and her artistic inspiration. Anastasiya agreed and we are happy to share her story with you, our dear readers.
 Here is her story:
My name is Anastasiya Prosvetova and I am an artists from St. Petersburgh, Russia. I paint little gentle winged creatures who leave me when they find people who love them. It was sad at first, especially when the first angels were gone but I am always happy for them. Their light images are always a part of me and my new creations.

New images are coming and staying with me. They are waiting for the right moment and showing me their story like a colorful slide show. Where they are coming from?

... The snow was softly falling on the ground this morning. Here is a new image, a new story. The pencil is begging me to pick it up. The magic is coming from daily life. You just need to look around and see the inspiration.
 When you take a thought trapped in your mind and turn it into your image it's like freeing a bird from a cage. You feel light and excited. You are  not sad about anything and you do not think about anything. The world around you is kind and beautiful.

And this is my favorite state of mind.

Interview by Tanya Socksandmittens


Viki ReStyleGraphic said...

Lovely, gentle angels, very nice!

Viki ReStyleGraphic said...

Lovely, gentle angels, very nice!

Natalya said...


Unknown said...

Love the color scheme

Марина said...

Lovely!! Nice! Thank you!

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