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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Nautical style decoupage box DIY

Handmade is always a great gift from the heart. Today Stella from ShimmerPlace will show us how to turn an ordinary unfinished wooden box into something special. The box Stella is decorating is ocean themed but you can always use some other image to suit your  occasion.
* Unfinished wooden box with a lock
* Scissors
* Brushes
* Glue
* Hair spray
* Sponge
* Acrylic paints of different shades of blue
* Glitters (optional)
* Varnish
* Printed picture that you will put on your box. A picture can be cut from the decoupage cards or downloaded from the Internet and printed.
How to do it:

Step 1: Remove the lock from the box and place aside to keep it clean.

Step 2: Paint your box using brushes, sponge and acrylic paints. Stella also created a waved texture looks on her box by using some paint and sponge.

Let it dry.

Step 3: Cut out your picture and glue it to the lid. If you use the image printed on your home printer, spray it with a hair spray and let it dry.

Step 4: If you'd like, decorate your box some more. Use some colorful glitters to add  some details or draw some more images on your box. Stella drew some star fishes on the sides and the bottom of the box to match the top. Let the glitter dry completely.

Step 5: Paint your box inside in the color of your choice and let it dry completely.

Step 6:  Apply a thin layer of varnish on the box. Let it dry and attach the lock.
Stella's cute ocean theme box is ready! A lovely piece to decorate a house or to give as a gift.

If you like this box but don't want to make it yourself stop by by the Stella's shop, there are so many pretty boxes to see! Or ask her for a custom order!


ReStyleGraphic said...

Cute design of a last summer!

Unknown said...


bysiki said...

Such a lovely work! :)

Unknown said...

This is a great idea! A nice box is always useful.

Arctida said...

Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Luxurybyvera said...

Fantastic idea!

Aqvatali said...

Very beautiful work and a good lesson.

Unknown said...

Never knew about hair spray! Thanks for tips!

crafts2love said...

Thank you! I have a very similar napkin I have been looking at for years :) Now I know why!

oksanai said...


DemyBlackDesign said...

Woow so simple and gorgeous!

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