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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Decorative fabric wrist cuff/ bracelet tutorial

Spring and summer is the best time to show your pretty handmade accessories, especially the ones made of fabric, threads and cutest little buttons. Just one interesting piece might take care of the rest of your outfit!

We loved this fabric wrist cuff tutorial from Owlweaver shop on Etsy for a lovely look and detailed instructions. Yulia, the author of this project is kindly sharing the step-by-step instructions with us today.
 Materials you will need:
1. Main fabric, fusible web & backing fabric. You can dye white fabric in a coffee to get an antique/vintage look.
2. Brads, gems (stones), beads and other decoration stuff you want to see on your future bracelet.
3. Different kind of ribbons or lace - whatever your heart desires.
4. Fishing line (not necessary, you may use a simple thread – it is for beads, stones and I sew a back side with the help of fishing line)
5. Buttons and elastic cord for buttons loops, approx. 2mm wide.
6. Sewing machine, threads, needle and other sewing accessories.
7. Pencil, ruler and paper for C.

The process:
1. First, we have to make a sewing template and use it to cut a fabric. The circumference of my wrist is 16,5cm and I want my cuff to be 11,5 cm wide, so the top of a cuff it’s supposed to be not less than 22cm. The measurements of the trapezoid template I’ve used were 25.5cm(top of cuff), 19.5cm (bottom of cuff) and 12.5 cm high.
Then fuse two pieces of fabric together by ironing if the fabric is thin. Make sure you have placed the adhesive side toward the back side of the fabric. Cut the main and backing fabric using template.
2. Prepare ribbons, ruffles and lace that you are going to use as well as other accessories.

3. Work out edges of the main and back fabric with zig-zag stitch.
4. 1st "tier". Choose the widest lace, which will be placed near the wrist and ruffle it. First I tack, then sew it on a sewing machine.
5. 2nd “tier “- pinned on the top of the 1st "tier" strips of tulle (I like to use it, it good separate layers or "tiers" of lace).  
6. If you don’t have initial design just use your intuition and inspiration and everything comes up spontaneously. The next “tier” is crinkled decorative elastic band. I stitched up to the middle and then I decided to make a flower. You can do the same or just continue sewing a layers (“tiers”). It may be pieces of fabric (it looks good when you tearing fabric, don’t cut with scissors).

7. Continue decorating the foundation until you’ll receive a desire result.

Next, make a button loops (1):
2.  Attach the elastic cord on the one side of the bracelet.
3. Tack in a lining to the front side of the bracelet. Put a back side fabric a little bit lower in the direction to the lace. Stitch using machine three sides of your bracelet (except the side with the lace) .

4. Turn out the bracelet, iron it on all sides.
5. The lining part turn inside and stitch with the blind stitch with the thread or fishing line like in my case. 
6. And the final item! You have to sew buttons and, congratulation, your bracelet is ready!
Have a great summer and thank you for your attention!

Yulia has just started on her new blog so we are expecting more wonderful tutorials from her!


Lana said...

Oh, they are adorable! great pattern, thank you!

Arctida said...

Great DIY! Thanks for sharing :)

Unknown said...

Great Idea - cool, smart and elegant - and can be any style that you want!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, just wanted to say, I liked this post.
It was helpful. Keep onn posting!

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