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Saturday, October 5, 2013

SeamlessFashion Spring/ Summer 2014 Collection

Our teammate Yanina Popel is an amazing felt artist. We have been admiring her colorful creations, unusual designs, flowing lines and style since she opened her SeamlessFashion shop on Etsy in July of 2010.

Recently Yanina has come to a huge milestone in her artistic career – she presented her Spring/Summer 2014 collection during Washington, DC fashion week.
In the weeks preceding the fashion show Yanina would post little updates, so we followed this effort as it unfolded. It was obvious that this was a huge undertaking, but Yanina was more than capable to handle it. Finally it all came to a culmination on September 28th. 
The music played and the models walked the podium. Of course, Yanina’s beautiful creations have won the hearts of the audience!

Please enjoy the interview with Yanina accompanied by pictures of collection:

Collection of dresses and accessories Spring/Summer 2014 was my child, I have worked on every detail from designs of the dresses to a music choice by myself. 
The whole collection was created in only one month, all 22 pieces. Every single dress was created completely by hand and there is not a single seam in my dresses and vests. Needless to say, I did not get any sleep during this time, but the result was absolutely worth it.
I really wanted to show the public something new, but at the same time I wanted to use some of my old textures and color choices. I knew that I wanted to use light and dark coffee color mix, silk ruffles and "coins" effect, after all, those elements have already become my trade mark.
I also knew which color palette I want to present. In the beginning I wanted to use a smooth change of colors from light cream to black through burgundy and blue. However, by the time all the dresses were finished I have changed my mind. I decided to change the order in which the dresses would be shown because I wanted to keep the public interested, waiting and wondering what the next dress will look like. I still wanted to open with the light cream dress and save the long black dress for the finale. And, in my opinion, it worked out beautifully.
 When my music began playing, I almost burst into tears, but I had to keep myself together and stay calm. I almost managed it. But when Ean Williams - the founder of DC Fashion week - stopped me in the middle of the runway during my designer walk and asked me to tell the audience about myself, I couldn’t keep my voice from trembling. Even though I spoke very quietly and my voice was trembling, I delivered my message and the public reacted positively. That was all I needed.
At the end the whole experience was an amazing adventure and the reaction I got from the public and the press was priceless to me.

To see the show click here - enjoy!

Interview by Alla (
Photography by Phil Kogan (


Unknown said...

Yanina is an absolutely stunning artist and a beautiful person inside and out. its an honor to be able to call her my friend. Its a huge accomplishment and I am sure she will surprise us all many more times!

crafts2love said...

Once more, congratulations to Yanina on a beautiful collection! Love the first dress in the photos and the vest too!

Shirlee Fassell said...

Congratulations on a beautiful collection!!

GalaFilc said...

Wonderful collection!

Natalka Pavlysh said...

Congratulations, Yanina!

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