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Monday, May 7, 2012

Create your own underwater paradise!

This easy DIY from Yanina (nafanyafelt) for those of you who like a sea theme or simply enjoy something unique and stylish for your home decor. 

We will need:
1. Polymer clay
2. Brush
3. Pin or needle
4. Wooden board
5. Foil
6. Oven

Step 1
From the polymer clay we will need to make:

3 balls of different sizes
5 thin flatbread like pieces
7 small sausage like pieces with one sharp end and the other end should be wide
9 thin sausage like pieces
3 thin ovals
Step 2
Take the biggest ball and make the oval like impressions by using the round end of the brush handle. Repeat with remained two balls
Step 3
Take a flatbread like piece in one hand and put the handle end of the brush in a middle of it

 Wrap the polymer clay around the end of the brush handle, leaving most of the clay at the very end and spread it in a thin layer around the handle.

Carefully take the new piece off of the handle. Repeat with all flatbread like pieces

Step 4
Take a sausage like piece with different ends and install the needle in the wide end

By making a clock wise rotation you will get a small but seeable hole. Repeat with all pieces
Step 5
The seven small sausage like pieces and three oval ones do not need any changing, they are ready to use.

Now we can assemble our decorations. How to assemble is your choice, make it your stylish piece.

Step 6
Cover the wooden board with a piece of foil. It will make it easier to transfer the decorations into the oven, because you can bake it right on the foil.Carefully transfer your decorations into the oven and bake accordingly to the polymer clay package instructions. is ready!

Here is some ideas on finished pieces - happy crafting!

Tutorial by Yanina (nafanyafelt)


FleetingStillness said...

Wow! This is great! I will definitely try this with my kids. They'll have fun and I can make a wall plaque for my living room :)

TonyaUtkina said...

So interesting! It looks like real sea shells and corals! I'll definitely try it!

Svetlana NES said...

Wonderful and simple tutorial! I have never made such a lovely thing :)

nihama said...

Amazing!!! So great idea)

Yelena said...

Wonderful idea.

GalaFilc said...

Очень красиво получается и выглядит так просто :)))

IrinaN said...

Adorable! Thank you for sharing!

Yanina said...

Hi guys
I am happy you like it
Thank you so much for all your comments

Nataly said...

Dear Yanina, you are so talented!
Love your works)

OneWord said...

That is amazing! Great textures!

Serviced Apartments Guy said...

Absolutely awesome, such a fun effect!

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