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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Paper dove DIY - make it with your kids!

Here is how to make a beautiful paper dove together with your children. These paper doves could be hanged on a branch and will make a lovely Easter or a Spring nature table decoration.

You will need :

1sheet of white cardboard or watercolor paper for the body
silk paper or calque for the wings
a pair of scissors or a cutter
beeswax crayon blocks or watercolors
1 needle
a piece of string/ thread (golden or silver color looks very nice)

You can leave the body of the dove white or paint the paper with color crayon blocks on both sides. Children will be happy to give you a hand with this. You could also use watercolors to paint the paper.

Cut out the shape of the dove as shown. With the help of the cutter or sharp scissors make a straight cut across about 1.6 inch long.

Fold over the edge of your A4 silk paper , then turn around and fold it again. Go on until all the paper is used as shown on the photo. This will be the bird's wings.

Pass them through the cut on the bird's body.

Bend and lift the wings unfolding them gently and joining the two together with a string.

Make a knot leaving the string long enough to hang the bird.

That's it! Your dove is ready.

Happy Spring!

By Masha (BertyandMasha)


Unknown said...

Great idea!
And so beautiful!

oksanai said...

so nice!
many thinks for shared

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