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Friday, March 23, 2012

Waldorf toys for children's development

Waldorf toys are traditionally made of only natural materials. They are handmade and that's why they are the most precious. They keep the warmth of the person who made them.

Today Masha (BertyandMasha) and Oksana (LaFiabaRussa) are talking about the traditional Waldorf approach to making children's toys and spring seasonal activities.

A child is learning and exploring the world around him through play. The first Waldorf toy for a baby would be a simple cloth doll with a round head and a soft body. There are no facial features to keep the imagination free but there are some details. Like a wooden ring and fists to chew on to comfort and soothe baby's growing teeth. 
This doll is designed for age up to 1 year old.

As the child grows, the dolls become more sophisticated. The head is sculptured and has facial features. The body has well formed limbs and the doll can now be dressed and undressed by small hands.

These bigger dolls are designed for children many years to come.

Wooden toys and toys made of wool or silk are also important for a child's development. They are simple open ended toys that give space to child's creativity and imagination. They are also indispensable in role playing games.

Natural Seasonal toys and activities will allow a child to joyfully live through the change of seasons and the natural rhythm of the year, which is considered essential in Waldorf pedagogy. 
Every season has it's own feasts, colors and attributes, usually something a child can bring back from a walk, a forest or a garden. It can be cones or acorns, stones or flowers, small branches and dry leaves.

A Spring nature table reflects all the changes that happen in Spring, the awakening of nature. 

So flower children, light and beautiful fairies, birds, tree branches and, of course, flowers will create a beautiful Spring nature table. 

Here you can also add some animals or spring gnomes. Don't forget about Easter, the most important feast associated with Spring!

 The creation of a nature table can be a lot of joy and fun, especially if done together with children.

This Sunday we'll show you how to make a beautiful paper dove - stay tuned!

By Masha (BertyandMasha) and Oksana (LaFiabaRussa)


Fine said...

Beautiful toys!
Love it!

Katrinshine said...

thay are all wonderful! I already bought felted balls from Oksana LaFiabaRussa)

LeeMa said...

Wonderful toys! I admire long ago your dolls.

LeeMa said...

Wonderful toys! I admire long ago your dolls.

Yanina said...

Such a positive story
Love it! Thank you for sharing

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