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Monday, March 26, 2012

Fabric disc cover DIY

If you like to make unique presents for your friends and family you probably will like the idea of this fabric disk cover:

 You will need:

1)      Fabric - we used two colors, one for the cover and one for the inside part
2)      Ribbon
3)      Scissors
4)      Pencil
5)      Tape measure
6)      Picture you want to use for the cover
7)      Your business card or greeting card, for a back side
8)      Thin fiberfill 

First of all, make a pattern of your disk cover. The measurements are: 32 cm wide by 23 cm long on the longer side and 16 cm (the half of the width) on another side.

Prepare frame for your picture and a pocket for the business card. Cut the fabric, leaving seams allowance of 1.5 cm on each side.

Sew the pocket to the back side of the cover, the longer part. Sew three sides of the picture frame to the front part. Put your picture into the frame and sew the last part.

Assemble the disk cover in the following order: inner fabric - fiberfill - ribbon - the outside fabric (with pocket and picture on it).

Sew the bottom side of the longer part of the cover and fold it:  

Sew the rest of sides of the cover.

Put your disk into the cover, and your present is ready!


By Ira & Lena (kimuka)


Unknown said...

So simple beauty!

Unknown said...

Lovely present
Great tutorial.
Thanks for sharing

GalaFilc said...

Interesting idea! Thank you!

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