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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Featured artists: Anastasia, Scandiroom. Handmade home decor for children.

I would like to introduce our team member Anastasia who runs the Scandishop on Etsy. It is filled with great children decor items. All of them are made with love and it shown. Here is her story about her inspirations.
Hello everyone,

My name is Anastasia and I am 31 years old. My family and I live in Suktuvkar, a small northern Russian city.
As with many artistic people, my creative roots became stronger when I became a mother. My children are my inspiration. When they were born, I wanted to surround them with natural eco friendly toys so I started to make them with fabric, wood, paper and yarn.
It started with my children's room when we wanted to add some light and style to it. The northern nights are long and the days are short so we wanted to add some sunshine to the room. For a start, we painted the walls with a happy light yellow paint. Then I started to decorate it.
It is such a great feeling when you cover your baby with a cozy handmade cotton blanket, giving him a little bear pillow to hold through the night and whisper to  him: I love you to the moon and back. Your baby feels that you care and grow stronger.
I am a spontaneous creator. I walk into a store, see a great quality yarn or fabric and it's just screaming to me: make something from me! I am listening and that's how my ideas are becoming live.
I love what I do and I am happy that people love my designs. I am happy to say that my creations live in many places around the globe now.

My shop is constantly developing and pretty soon you will find more adorable little things for your children. Soon I am planning to team up with the other artists, Tatiana, who is also all about handmade, natural materials and style. So please visit my shop often to see if there is anything you want for your child!

Interview by Tanya (socksandmittens)


Natalya said...

замечательная статья и прекрасные работы

ReStyleGraphic said...

Great post! I love scandy decor style!

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