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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Some tips to escape depression in creativity

We used to think that our everyday job is something we do unwillingly waiting for the end of working day. I have good news – there exist lucky individuals who are interested in what they are busy with and moreover everyday full time job inspire to create fantastic items and sell them on Etsy.

Arctida’s interest in natural science (she is a Cancer researcher) is one of main inspiration sources for her art.

berezki’s love for combination of the industrial, geometric and organic, as she told me, was the influence of her background in architecture.

Being a musician rumosaic07 conceives by images. “I take the key of F major like royal blue and D flat minor like dark brown. Create my artworks I hear the harmonic equivalent of them– inlaying mosaic or crocheting I am in the music sphere”.

allmadewithlove often visits antique markets, where one can find timeless beautiful things, they inspire her for making the vintage style creations with a new look.

“Fashion is my passion and my profession –allmadewithlove explained me - Everything retro and antique, such as books, historical movies, fashion magazines, are my inspirations”.
Oh! Don’t miss here another tip how to get inspiration – look through masterpieces of talented brilliant artists!

yelenalamm always finds a great source of energy in connections with other artists - whether communicating on personal level, visiting an art gallery or a museum, browsing through online portfolios including many amazing talents on Etsy, or in her favorite art books.

marina826 is also inspired by artist of different times, nations, schools that she enjoys in museums, art galleries, books and in the I-net and take a positive supply of creativeness.

I should agree with CityCrochet’s words - All these beautiful things created by artisans of Etsy inspires to create something by yourself!

Two years ago Lulya found a website Etsy, and a Jewelry section. “I saw a lot of the most beautiful jewelry in different stores and just lit up the idea of learning to do the jewelry by myself . And I continue to learn to this day”.

Another great idea told me WineCountryLife: “ I'm inspired by my customers - people who choose handmade over mass produced, value personal warmth and individual attention, and appreciate the love and energy that I put in my products. They give me motivation, provide feedback, and generate new ideas. When I create, I think of a person who’ll wear my jewelry or I imagine a person who’ll receive the card I'm making.

And MamaTita’s inspiration was from the clients. The customer ordered her butterflies for the wedding and she decided to start to make decors and stationary for weddings

But sometimes we have no need to seek for inspiration because it’s inside us – It’s called FEELINGS! alvant wouldn’t sound strange saying “I can create only when I feel abundance of love and happiness...”

“My inspirations are not only my dreams, but my future, love, breath, tears, feelings, hopes...But my main inspiration is love.” – shared with me serdomania

“When you look at my drawings,you can not see the faces. Because I am searching for the real love in my drawings.”

So, if you feel lack of creativity may be you should change your work, or communicate with creative people (from Russian Artists team, for example) and the most helpful remedy – TO FALL IN LOVE!))

Stay open hearted!

Lily (heartygift)


Arctida said...

Great article! It was fun to read about other peoples inspiration process! Thank you so much for the feature girls :)

SocksAndMittens said...

Great post! I am agree with Artctida, it is so much fun to know about other people inspiration!

TonyaUtkina said...

Such a wonderful post!!! It was nice to read about all these amazing artists!

getarround said...

Amazing! Very nice article!
Proud to be a part of this presentation! Thank you!
Lora - allmadewithlove

Marina said...

Great! It was like having a conversation with other artists!
Thank you for the article!
Thank you for including me here!

Alana Vantege said...

Great blog!!! thank you for including me!

BEREZKI said...

Great collection of such unique items! Thank you so much for including me here :)

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