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Thursday, October 22, 2015

A doll's world

The doll houses are trendy this Fall but did you know that dolls have fashion, too? Just like us, humans.
Miniature knit doll clothes for 5" doll by CreativeHook

Our team members took doll fashions seriously so there is lots of miniature clothing and accessories for you to choose from or we have patterns for your own creative enjoyment.
Baby carriage miniature figurine by AnnaToys
Blythe doll yellow sweater by VolnaDollsClother
Oversized turtleneck for Granado Lads by ThreeMice

Just search the assortment by our team tag rusteam in the Etsy's search window. 
Beaded Barbie dress tutorial by AroundBeads
Brushed mohair for doll hair by LaFiabbaRussa

Cat amigurumi crochet pattern by lanadearg

So welcome to a dolls world and have fun browsing!
Mini crochet umbrella by FancyKnittles 
Pigtails wig for Littlefee (or similar dolls) by NataLitun
Blythe stockings by BlaBlaBlythe


Unknown said...

Back to childhood... Sweet dreams :)

Unknown said...

Oh! Very nice article. Feel like a small girl )

bysiki said...

Very cute stuff :).

Unknown said...

Thank you so much! We all the childrens!

Unknown said...

a precious collection of the doll!
Now a days people mostly used dolls as gifts.
I am sure all will love this stunning collection.

ReStyleGraphic said...

So cute, welcome to my childhood!

Unknown said...

What a fun article! My daughter was fascinated with it!

DemyBlackDesign said...

Why am I not a child anymore? ))))

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