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Monday, April 4, 2011

Easter felted egg cozies by YanArt

Get into an Easter spirit while making these colorful felted Eggs cozies! This tutorial is kindly offered to our readers by Yana (YanArt)

For this tutorial it is preferable you had some basic felting skills.

You will need a ruler, scissors, a marker, and a piece of PV film. For example you can use an old package. You will also need wool, water, soap and an egg.

Measure your egg's «waist» and add to the size 30% more (for example 14 cm + 30% = 18.2 cm). In the process of felting wool tends to shrink which is why you should add some size.

Divide this size in 2 (18.2/2 = 9.1cm) – this will be the size of the bottom of the triangular pattern for your hat.

You can choose the size of the top up to your liking but not less than the half of the egg's height. It can be a very tall or smaller hat, it's up to you (remember that wool shrinks).

1. Put the PV film triangular pattern on the bubble-wrap and spread several layers of wool (horizontally and vertically). Put a bit more on the edges – you will turn them over later.

2. Moist the wool with a light soap solution, cover with bubble-wrap and rub a little. Turn everything upside down. Remove the bubble-wrap and thoroughly turn the edges of the wool over the sides of the triangle.

3. Spread the wool on another side of the hat.

4. Repeat step 2. Turn the edges of the wool over the sides again horizontally. Lift and turn the wool at the bottom.

Do it in the upper direction (vertically) to make the bottom of the hat even.

5. Cover with a bubble-wrap and rub gently in circular movements.

6. Wrap everything up in a roll and roll it 50-80...100 times. Unwrap, shift a little the triangular pattern to avoid clotting and wrinkling.

7. Wrap up in a roll. Repeat step 6 several times.

8. Unwrap the roll. Remove the PV film pattern and felt with your hands.

Rub to achieve the shape of a pointy hat and to even the bottom of the hat.

9. Rinse the hat in warm water. Shape it up let it dry.

10. If needed you can use special needles for dry felting to make the bottom of the hat even.

Have fun felting and happy Easter!


Unknown said...

very cute!

GalaFilc said...

I like it!

SocksAndMittens said...

great tutorial, I will definitely tro to make some cozies like these!

Yana said...

What a great tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing!

Natalka Pavlysh said...

great tutorial! It is so difficult to do! You are master, Yana!

YanArt said...

My pleasure, girls!
Thank you so much !

Maria Siyanko said...

love this hats!
very funny!

IrinaN said...

Lovely tutorial! Thanks for sharing :)

Katrinshine said...

Great lession!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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