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Monday, October 26, 2015

Galafilc feauture at the handmade tapestry exhibition in Bydgoszcz, Poland

Congratulations to our team member Gala (galafilc) being featured at the bi-annual non professional handmade tapestry exhibition in Bydgoszcz, Poland!
 Non professional weavers from all over the country submit their works. Only 120 tapestries from 200 sent were exhibited this year.
As always there are tapestries made in traditional Polish weaving style from Podlasie area. But most of the works are hand made gobelin tapestries. Those take a long time to produce. One gobelin sized 1 by 1.5 meters takes a year or even two to weave. Main yarn is wool or wool blend, but sisal, strips of textiles, small branches and herbs are used to embellish it as well.

One of the favorite inspirations and tapestry themes is of course nature. You can see flowers, trees, birds and whole landscapes on the gobelins. Every artist chooses their yarns and style of work. There is jury that takes into account not only quality of weaving but the art value of the pieces. This year first place was taken by lovely tapestry which used semi precious stones for embellishments.

High recognition is given to pieces woven from fine yarns with good color gradients and details in the picture.
This year some felted art (unwoven tapestry) were exhibited as well.

Here are some of the pieces:

 Story by Gala (galafilc)
Translated by Nadia (LuNaViFelt)


Lora said...

Beautiful works! Very interesting article!

Unknown said...

very intresting post.

Unknown said...


ReStyleGraphic said...

Wow! These beautiful art work. I think the authors of those works are a very talented craftsmen.

Unknown said...

Talanted artists!

Unknown said...

Gala, congratulations! That was an awesome exhibition!

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