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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fairy Tales and art toys

I am a big fan of children literature, I even have a degree in it. Every time a see a colorful book I will open it to refresh my memory.
White rabbit felt brooch by TaniaFelt

My favorites are classics like Alice in Wonderland, Mother's Goose Tales, nursery rhymes, Mary Poppins, mysterious Harry Porter and so much more!
 Tiny black wool sheep felt by LaFiabaRussa

I also love small Fairy Tales figurines and home decor items. I am shopping for vintage items weekly and was so lucky to find some pretty, old books, Wade figurines and old resin toys from the 1960s. Some of them are older then I am!
Little Red Riding Hood Wade figurine by agardencottage

There are so many beautiful handmade toys, accessories and  sculptures inspired by children's literature and made by our team members. There are also lots of great vintage finds which will bring back memories. See for yourself, maybe there is something for you there!
Cross stitch pattern, Mary Poppins by TinyNeedle
Mini crochet umbrella by FancyKnittles

Teapot felt purse by galafilc 
Tooth fairy pillow by CherryGardenDolls

Felt reindeer by TwoSadDonkeys
Crochet art doll, Red Riding Hood by Creativhook

Little Mermaid art doll brooch by miopupazzo

Vinnie The Pooh Piglet crochet pattern by PetsLair

Forest animals quiet busy book by PopelineCo

Story by Tanya (agardencottage)


Unknown said...

How sweet they all!!!Thank you!

Natalya said...

как здорово что можно по сказкам создавать кукол)))

Unknown said...

We are the childrens. Very lovely collections of toys.Thank you so much!

Eugenie said...

That purse has stolen my heart! I must buy one for myself! Galina's felted items are so exquisite. And all the other pieces are just magical!

Anonymous said...

very cute toys and animals! ))))

Unknown said...

Wow! So cute collection! Love them all)

Natalya said...

oooh here and my little pig

Unknown said...


crafts2love said...

Such a sweet collection!

Unknown said...

So cute!

Yulia Kazansky said...

Wonderful toys!

GalaFilc said...

Wonderful collection!

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