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Monday, September 28, 2015

Traveling Through Time with Vintage

Time is a fascinating concept. Some imagine it as a river that flows past; others see it as a transparent amber or glass where events are preserved and you can see them, but not touch, and they become more vague as more layers grow between them and the observer. There have been many attempts at explaining the nature of time, some of them being so complex that I cannot even understand them. In any case, whatever it is, I love items which seem to capture or even manage time. Time machine, anyone?

The most obvious time machine is, of course, a clock. This one is a particularly fine exemplar.

Junghan alarm clock by GeorgiVintage

Perfume is another kind of a time machine. Who does not know the feeling of being taken back in time when feeling the long forgotten fragrance? Something your mother or grandmother used to have many years ago... and you have that strange feeling in your chest... will it be a smile or tears? These perfume bottles offered by Vintageer are perfect tiny devices to go back in time.

Vintage glass perfume bottles by Guerlain and more by Vintageer

I find that sering items are also great for storing time. They have a lot of character, they are very time-bound, and they can tell stories.

Set of four vintage dessert plates by OldTimeStories

Teacups and saucers. Remember tea-party at the Mad Hatter's? There is something magical in tea, cups and teapots. When you are having tea with a dear friend, time flies by.

Vintage Tuscan tea cup and a saucer by A Garden Cottage  

A jewelry box is an important element of capturing time - a ring bearer box is even more so, as it is related to an important milestone in a person's life. Do you remember your fascination with your mother's jewelry box? I just loved it - it was full of marvellous sparkling items which I was not allowed to take out, but I could lift the lid and peek!

Black Mercedes jewelry box by NataliaDecor

A key is an ancient symbol, and a beautiful one. It has many meanings. This one might well be the key to the past, with its mysteries and revelations.

Vintage French Skeleton Key by frenchfelt

A candle is another beautiful symbol. You can watch the flame endlessly, and memories will come without effort. Light and warm memories they will be, without bitterness and pain. 

Antique Pewter Candle Holder by MillysCollection

A book is one of the most powerful instruments of time travelling. 

Vintage books by ProjectSarafan 

A shawl is a timeless piece of clothing which can wrap around you like warm cocoon, seeming to protect you - not just from the elements, but from all fears and sadness of the world. Let the wind rage, let the snow fall - while I have my wool shawl, I feel protected and confident, just like my fore-mothers did. 

Russian shawl by MulberryWhisper

Story by Eugenie MulberryWhisper


Anonymous said...

amazing things!

Natalya said...

ой какое все вкусное и красивое. бутылочки класс!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Wonderful collection!!!

inessa said...

Beautiful finds!

handmade by Butterfly said...

какая посуда! я влюблена!

crafts2love said...

lovely collection from days long gone, these things remind me of great grandma...

Unknown said...

lovely things!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Love vintage and retro. This things made by human hands. From people to people. Things that have their own soul. Thank you!

ReStyleGraphic said...

Beautiful finds and poetic post. Thank you. I got a real pleasure.

DemyBlackDesign said...

Love perfume bottles!

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