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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

OOAK handmade Christmas balls

This Christmas ornament look so good on a tree. The bonus is it is made with mostly recycled materials which you might easily find in almost every household.
The idea came from our team member, Yulia from bysiki shop on Etsy. Yulia lives and works in Moscow, Russia and her shop is filled with wonderful products for a baby. 

To make a ball like this you will need:
a plastic grocery store bag for each ball (a great way to give them a second life!)
sequins and beads
threads of your choice:
#1 - thread of any color you don't need for other projects  for securing the ball shape
# 2 - pretty thread you want to see you ball decorated with
fabric glue

Form an even shaped ball from the plastic bag and secure it with the thread #1. Add some glue to the surface to make sure it will stay in place. Let it dry.

Wrap the thread #2 around your ball in one direction, either, horizontal or vertical. Sew the sequins and beads on top of your ball, while securing your threads from unwrapping. Do not use too many beads to prevent your ball from being too heavy!

Make a ribbon loop and you are done! Your new one of a kind Christmas ball is ready to be hung on your Christmas tree!

Have a wonderful Holidays and fun decorating!


Arctida said...

Great DIY! Thanks for sharing it ladies :)

Svetlana Nes said...

Cute ball :)

Unknown said...

This is a DIY that I really love - easy and with a lovely result! Thank you!

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