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Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday coasters with crochet snowflakes DIY

This wonderful idea came from Katrin katrinshine who has been crocheting snowflakes for many years. The combination of red felt and white thread are making these coasters so festive!
To make the coasters like these you will need:

Red felt
white crochet thread #8 or 10
a hook
fabric glue

First crochet your snowflakes (make as many as you need). You can use the pattern Katrin used or use your own if you'd like:
If you need some help with how-to crochet the Katrin's snowflake here it is:
 Block your snowflakes. It's not necessary to use starch.
Make a hexagon pattern and cut the hexagons out of the red felt.
Glue the snowflake to the felt and place it under a heavy book to press it for a couple of hours. If you prefer the embroidery simply stitch the snowflake to the felt.
This project is very easy and the result is great. Happy holidays, everyone and have fun decorating your home!

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