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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Felted Christmas angel DIY

Couple of weeks ago I was asked to prepare a small Christmas project for kids in my girl's class. I decided to make and Angel for Christmas decorating with them. Taking a look around Internet I didn't seem to find what I wanted, so here is what I came up with.
1. What we will need:
wool roving in white
1 inch wooden bead with large hole
needle and a thread
felting needle and mat/brush/sponge
2. separate thinner strip of roving about 10-12 inches long
and  thicker one about 5 inches
3. tie the thinner roving tightly in half
4. put the thread through the bead hole
5. pull out the torso
6. turn upside down and arrange the hair leaving the face uncovered
7. twist a little wool strand
8. and tie off the hair
9. if you twist the strand of wool tightly and fold in half (hold the ends) - you will get a yarn like piece like this.
10. two of those will be Angel's arms. Putting both arm ends and the remainder of the wool you used to tie off the hair at the back of our doll needle felt all the ends into the torso.
11. tie the shorter piece of roving in half and shape the skirt. Cut off thread ends.

12. Pull in a new piece of thread into the needle, tie a knot. Pull through the bead hole from down to up.
13. Fix with a knot.

Cut off from needle and tie another knot - now you have a loop to hang your Angel from!

Yes, I forgot to take a picture of halo - made just the same way as the arm and needle felted to hold on top of hair :)))

By Nadia Crafts2Love


DemyBlackDesign said...

So easy and so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

bysiki said...

So lovely!

crafts2love said...

I am glad someone finds it useful!
Thank you to the team bog for publishing!

modern handmade jewelry said...

marvelous angel!

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