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Monday, April 30, 2012

A card for your mother

Today Alisa from GraphicMarket shop on Etsy is sharing great story and ideas for making a greeting card.

We all have our own little traditions, the way we do things – my personal little obsession is card making. Christmas Cards, greeting cards for birthdays, thank-you cards and so on. Of course we never have time for such things, but the process can be so relaxing that you can make cards for half a year ahead just in one go.

Lot’s of my friends told me that they are waiting every year for my Christmas card to arrive. It was so sweet when I realized that people are keeping my cards, they don’t throw them away! It makes my hobby very special.

Here you can see my latest creations that will suit perfectly mother’s day theme.

For this project you will need:
 - Thick cardboard (I used watercolor paper)
 - Ink (or a felt pen)
 - Ribbons (preferably 2 shades and 2 different width)
 - Glue (any paper glue will do, but I prefer to use double sided tape, it creates less mess)
 - Printable digital paper or digital collage sheet – that’s my favorite! This magic stuff turns any card into a masterpiece! Try to find 2 matching patterned papers, just like I did – polka dot and flower pattern – they work well together) I used a usual printer to print the patterns on A4 format thick paper.

That's probably all we will need. :)

For your cards you can try the ideas on the photos. At fist glance it seems you really need to have some drawing skills, but look again and you’ll notice that the best cards that I made are dead simple!

For example little cute dress on the drying line – easy to make and it’s such a cutie! Or hearts in the shapes of balloons – that’s another great idea for you – be creative and be confident – you’ll get it right)

  • Simplicity is the key! Keep it simple, keep it fresh and don’t clutter all you scrap booking elements on one card. Even if you put just one shape out of scrap booking paper (a heart for example) and write a name of the recipient underneath it will look stylish and elegant
  • Have a color scheme. 1-2 colors that work together will look better than a rainbow of all your favorite colors together
  • Add personal touches – even if it’s just a hand written message or doodles around the edge – it will help your card to stand out and will show the recipient your true affection.
  • Ribbons and bows are simple but very effective tool in card making - they are cute and they add 3D to your card. (The easy way to attach the ribbon, when you’re using it horizontally, is to make a little cut at the side of the card, thread the ribbon through the hole and glue both ends of the ribbon inside the card – you’ll get clean ends of the ribbon and no glue on the front of the postcard) 
You can find lot’s of cute scrapbooking materials in my shop (GraphicMarket) so next time you are thinking about card making or just need a background for your website, please stop by.

I highly recommend card making as a hobby. Scrapbook collages made it so simple and enjoyable. Just try to make a card yourself next time you’re invited for a birthday party or mother’s day!

Lot’s of my friends told me that they are waiting every year for my Christmas card to arrive , it was so sweet when I realised that people are keeping my cards, they don’t through them away – it makes my hobby very special.

Be creative and have fun!

With love,
Alisa (GraphicMarket)


Svetlana NES said...

Cutest cards!

Alisa Foytik said...

ОООО! как здорово получилось! Спасибо большое)))) Статья выглядит очень классно)))

Luxury by Vera said...


SocksAndMittens said...

Such a wonderful idea! I can not wait to start on cards making, I love doing that

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