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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Winter vacation in Austria

Recently I went with my family to Austria for a ski vacation. I am not an experienced skier but my husband was sure I would enjoy it. He thought with a good ski instructor I would learn all the necessary skills and we would have a great time.
 So we went to a Zillertal, a mountain region located not too far from Innsbruck.Innsbruck is a great place for winter sports and it hosted the Olympic games twice already.
 We stayed in the small town of Zell am Ziller. This is a really beautiful and very peaceful place. 
The weather was unusual for this region and time of year. There was so much snow that I was wondering if the pilot of our aircraft can see the runway. But everything went smooth and we had a really great week of skiing in a beautiful mountains and snow.
 It was fun watching the little kids learning how to ski. 
 They can be as young as 3 or 4 years old but they can already ski. Sometimes they are skiing much better than their parents! My oldest daughter really enjoyed skiing and I am sure my little boy will too. He is too young for this now but in a year or two he will be skiing there among these little kids. 

We liked our vacation so much, I am sure we will be back! 
 Vacations are great for relaxing and  awakening your creativity. 
This one made me feel good and full of new ideas!

By Yana (Nihamaj)


Birgit said...

Wonderful to see how much fun you had here! I live close to Vienna and we haven't had any snow this season in this part of the country, just freezing temps.
Oh, and I don't ski ;-P!

nihama said...

Oh, you should try it))))

IrinaN said...

It's really great! I believe you had really good time there :)

osovictoria said...

Beautiful and fun!

Muza`s Workshop said...

Fantastic photos!

TonyaUtkina said...

Fantastic! I love mountains!

Unknown said...

Fantastic place!

lanadearg said...

beautiful place! I like it, thanks for article!

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