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Friday, January 27, 2012

Interview with a Star, Yelena at LenaMer

We all love jewelry! Every person has their own style and preferences but we all like to have one of a kind pieces which will suit our taste. It's always interesting to know a story behind your favorite item so today we are introducing Yelena from the LenaMer shop on Etsy to you with her story on her inspiration.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself
Hi, my name is Yelena and I am 34 years old. I was born in Baku in the Soviet Union and  immigrated with my family to Israel in 1990. Today I live in Rishon le Zion with my amazing family: my husband, my 3-year-old son, a cat and new members of our tribe - three clown fish. 
How long have you been creating? How did your journey in art and creativity begin?
I am creating since I remember myself, I always was a technical type of person: when I was 4 I fixed my grandma’s old watch (don’t ask me how, I was never able to repeat that magic :))  When I was nine, my neighbor Sioma and I tried to create a sandwich-making robot. But jewels came later, much later.
I was always a crafts lover and since 2005 have been taking jewelry-making classes at various schools with different teachers.  I tried myself on design studies, and applied to study Jewelry Design at Shenkar in 2005. The first year was crazy and amazing and I discovered new horizons. Art, design, different trends, use of material - since then I can't stop from searching for new ways to create. For me jewelry is structure and combining that with stone beads brings the color and light into each design, and the jewel is always a story for me!  
 How would you describe your style? Have any other artists etc influenced your style?
I can't define my own style as of yet, because I’m still searching, my favorite styles are Art Nouveau and Primitive. I think today`s art cannot be defined by one style, because it is a combination of yesterday and tomorrow.
What inspires you and what is the day in your studio look like?
Oh, "your studio" sounds so perfect! For me the most important thing is to write down the ideas and to hope that I will have an opportunity to implement them someday. Because right now most of the time I spend with my son, and sometimes we "work" together, he just loves beading and hammering. The first pendant we made together is now my good-luck charm and amulet :)))
What are your main sources of inspiration?
Life, nature, people, a random spot on paper - everything. Color combinations, shapes, materials, everything I see around me.
Do you use any special techniques or tools?
I like to learn new techniques all the time, now I’m learning to work with wire:

Where would you like to go with your business?
I hope one day to make this my full-time job. I would like to have a big sunny studio, where I could host different artists to exchange ideas, experience and knowledge
Why will people love your items?
Maybe because I myself love my creations with all my heart. Gem stones are beautiful, I only put them into a setting.


Eviltwin said...

great interview!

Anonymous said...

Lovely jewelry, I love that amulet. so cool

Lena Mer said...

thank you! its meen a lot to me :)

IrinaN said...

It's nice to meet you Lena:)

Mulberry Whisper said...

A wonderful interview given by a charming and talented person. I am very happy to be on one team with you, Lena!

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