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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Scorpio Lucky Stones

Today we will discuss stones that influence Scorpios - people born between October 24th and November 22nd.

The following stones are lucky for them:

- Topaz - a friendship stone, it also promotes happiness and good heartedness
- Agate - helps lovers to stay true to each other

- Jasper - protects from nosy and ill-wishing people
- Amber - protects from evil spirits, enemies, ill-wishers, and persecutors
- Carnelian - helps lovers, promotes marital bliss, health, and bravery

- Bloodstone - gives its owner courage and bravery, helps to learn new skills and start a new business
- Amethyst - helps its owner to learn the wisdom of the universe
- Citrine - can shield its owner from negative influences

- Garnet - keeps its owner in good spirits and helps him to be optimistic, helps him to influence other people, attracts true love
- Aventine - creates a happy mood, helps its owner to stay in high spirits and clear mind
- Serpentine - helps to achieve the highest results in professional development
- Peridot – protects its owners household, brings luck in marriage and friendship

- Onyx – brings luck, protects from evil spirits
- Obsidian – this is a great talisman for children, it wards off negative emotions, and helps to develop talents
- Opal – protects its owner's love and happiness, enhances spirituality
- Tiger eye – brings luck, helps to develop self-consciousness, promotes

- Coral – wards off evil spirits and lengthens its owner's lifespan
- Chrysoprase – helps to start new ventures and brings luck

By Irene Beautyland and Alla FleetingStilless


Arctida said...

Great article on gemstones! Thank you for the feature ladies :)

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Natalka Pavlysh said...

Great article!

Rin said...

Очень интересно!

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