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Monday, September 5, 2011

Shabby chic simple decoupage box DIY tutorial

Do you like decoupage as we do? :) Today Natasha who runs Grimme shop on Etsy is sharing great and easy to follow tutorial how to make decoupage wooden box. Look at this gorgeous shabby chic piece of art that you can make on your own!

Materials needed:
1) wooden box
2) white, ivory, grey and burnt umbra acrylic paints
3) assortment of decoupage napkins
4) decoupage glue or acrylic furniture varnish
5) piece of fine kitchen sponge
6) stiff bristles brush

1. Cover the box with the primary layer of white paint. It will strengthen the adhesion between the base (box) and all further layers.

2. Let it dry and then cover the box with the ivory paint

3. Choose the decoupage napkin with the figure, suitable to the box by the size, proportions and general idea.Cut the figure out, put to the top of the box and carefully spread the decoupage glue all over it. Be careful do not to tear the cut out and to delete all the air bulbs, that can appear

4. Let it dry
5. Apply 2-3 layers of acrylic furniture varnish (dry each one before putting the next)
6. Take a stiff bristles brush, take a bit of grey paint to its tip and apply to the box's sides with the sweeping moves. Do the same with the burnt umbra paint, but try to use as small quantity as possible

7. Take the piece of fine kitchen sponge and apply very small quantity of burnt umbra paint to its side. Then press it gently to the upper edge all over its length to get the dark brown rim

8. Let it dry and cover all the box with the 2-3 layers of acrylic furniture varnish (dry each one before putting the next)

Enjoy the vintage box, done by your own hands)


Isabela said...

I love the box, it looks great! :)

Natalka Pavlysh said...

Great tutorial! I really want to try decoupage someday!

Fine said...

Wow! Love it!

AlexMOS said...

Wonderful and understandable lesson! Thank you very much for sharing!

Yana said...

Great tutorial! Thank you for sharing!

SocksAndMittens said...

very good tutorial, I always wanted to know how to make these.

SMAfactory said...

Lovely box!! Thanks for sharing this tutorial!

J9nKidz said...

GRIMME is one of MY FAVORITE Etsy Shops!! Sooo excited to see their names featured here!!

Unknown said...

Super - all is clear now - how ti do )

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