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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Peridot, the stone of August

Peridot is the August birthstone. The name Peridot comes from the Arabic word "faridat," meaning gem. According to other sources, пeridot got its name from the Latin word pæderot that later became an Anglo–Norman word pedoretés that was a name for a kind of opal. The third version is that the word peridot comes from the Greek word peridona meaning plentiful.

Since antiquity peridot was associated with nature because of its green color. The shades of green in peridot vary from yellowish-green to dark olive. In occult, this gemstone symbolizes vitality, signifies strength, and promise of new growth in years ahead. It enhances beauty, patience and happiness of its owner.
Peridot should be worn by clear-minded & spiritual persons, it will protect them against the negative emotions and aid in treatment of gall bladder and liver. Early Christians considered peridot as a sacred stone.

Peridot is the gem variety of mineral called olivine. While olivine is not a rare mineral, gem-quality peridot are quite rare and peridot is considered a precious stone. In antiquity most of peridot came from Egypt. Peridot can often be mistaken for emerald and the legend goes that some of Cleopatra's beloved emeralds could actually have been peridots. Egyptians also called peridot "gem of the sun," because of its dazzling brilliance when seen in the desert sun.

Currently peridot is mined in quite a few places, including the USA, Australia, Brazil and China. Peridot is also found in some meteorites and is, in fact, the only gemstone found in meteorites.

Story by Alla (FleetingStillness) and Irina (Beautyland)


Fine said...

Very interesting story!
Thanks for shearing!

GalaFilc said...

So lovely green stone!

Arctida said...

Great article! and Thank you for the feature girls :)

Luxury by Vera said...

Good story for lovely stone:)!!

Natalka Pavlysh said...

Beautiful stone!

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