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Friday, August 19, 2011

Interview with a Star - Oksana (La FiabaRussa)

"LaFiabaRussa" or "RussianFairytaleStory" shop on Etsy is full of cute stuffed toys you'd like to have in your collection. Oksana, the owner of this shop is sharing her story with us today:

I made my first toy when I was 8 years old. It was a teddy bear (My mom bought me a pre-cut set of templates for it). I liked it so much! I can't even tell you how many of these kits my mother bought for me since then... Later were the kittens, penguins and puppies. I just loved to sew! I also love kids that's why I went to school to become a kindergarten teacher. One of my favorite subjects besides psychology and pedagogy while at school was art class where we were making toys and dresses for dolls.

After school I continued making toys for my daughter and my nephews started learning web design. And I put my sewing machine away for a couple of years.

3 years ago I started working as a babysitter for two little girls. One was 1/5 years old and another was 3 years old back then. They were taught according to the Waldorf's technique so I started to read more books in this area and look for more info. I was talking to teachers and crafters a lot looking to find out more about natural materials like cotton, wool, silk and linen that didn't have any industrial dye in it.

My first waldorf's doll was born, then the second. I was making dolls for my students, for my daughter, for my friend's son... Once started I could't stop. I love making my dolls!

It takes about 10 to 20 hours for each doll to create. There is a lot of hand work involved. The head has to be in correct shape, body proportions should be watched, and then stuffing... The materials have to be clean so if I am using industrially made wool I always wash it. The wool becomes soft and smells nice after washing.

The most difficult part in a doll making is hair. It's made with yarn and has to be attached to the head in a certain way. The eyes and nose are embroidered, the face of the doll has a neutral expression.

These dolls are little miracle, you should see how much kids love them! Since waldorf's style dolls are made for kids of different ages and needs I think that the doll making is a very responsible craft.

My world was filled with bright colors of childhood when my son was born. Together with Alessandro I am learning the world again. On August 26, 2011 he will be 1 years old!

And my daughter Katya helps a lot me with my Etsy shop.

I am full of ideas but I don't have that much time as I would like to. I am glad to share my thoughts with you!

Thank you for your interest in my creations!

If you'd like to see more of Oksana's creations please visit her web site at

There is also a giveaway of one of her waldors's dolls going on right now on Facebook.

Join the fun if you'd like to receive it for free!

Interview was taken by Lana (BelleCoccinelle)
Translated by Tanya (Socksandmittens) and Marina (ProdigyCrafts)


Fine said...

Beautiful Store!
Love it so much!

Unknown said...

Beautiful Store!

Vikulya said...

Very interesting interview! Amazing works! Beautiful mother and so sweet baby!

Jane_Bo said...

Thank you for the interview with Oksana - it was nice to see her and to know about her beautiful works!

lafiabarussa said...

Thank you very much for the interview and for your interest in my work and identity.
Sincerely yours, Oksana

Natalka Pavlysh said...

Interesting interview! Good luck Oksana!

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