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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ruby, stone of the calendar month of July

The Ruby in Sanskrit is known as ‘Ratnaraj’ which means ‘king of the gemstones’ and rightfully so. Ruby signifies royalty and is dedicated to the Sun. In occult, this is a stone of special magical strength and power. Ruby will help it's owner to wage a battle with evil forces, to conquer fear.

In antiquity, ruby was also believed to be a healing stone. It was believed to stop bleeding, prevent memory loss, cure low blood pressure, help with sleeping disorders. Due to its red color it was always associated with love and vivacity. However, it was considered bad to constantly wear a ruby since it could take too much energy from its owner.

Ruby is a precious stone that ranges in color from pink to red. It's English name came from Latin word "ruber" which actually means red. The color determines the price - the bright blood-red stones are most expensive. Clarity, carat weight, and cut play a secondary role. In fact, all natural rubies have imperfections in them. Inclusions in natural rubies are used in order to tell a natural ruby from synthetics and substitutes. Ruby's hardness is surpassed only by one precious stone - diamond, and only one other mineral - moissanite

Story by Irene (Beautyland)
Translated by Alla (FleetingStillness)


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