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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our Greatest Inspirers

Rambling through Etsy I discovered that the most of creators and artists here are women. May be that’s the reason why the most frequent answer about inspiration I got was “my family inspires me”.

I think it’s really a wonderful that our inspiration is so close to us! The dearest and beloved people bring us a huge variety of emotions, interesting ideas, unknown facts.

Family inspires beautiful crocheting things by eve collection. She said “I would like to crochet something funny for my little grandson and something beautiful for daughter-in-law who loves my handmade though criticizes sometimes”.

Yes, our close people are our best inspires and critics also. Two daughters are Katya5’s inspiration for embroidery. She often asks their opinion before starting a project, and always shows them the "finished" product to hear their opinion.

Our beloved people sometimes even give a name to our shop. That story is about VeraidaGifts: “I named my shop after my grandmothers Vera and Ida. "My inspiration is my grandmothers, who were different but each of them gave me different gifts to carry throughout my life. Vera is my maternal grandmother, she taught me different crafts, appreciation of everyday beautiful small things, she always said: "You have to know how to do everything in life, but it does not mean you will do it". Ida is my paternal grandmother, she taught me business and the ability to create something even if I do not have enough supplies, she always said: Be kind and patient in every aspect of your life”. Isn’t it an inspiring wisdom?

I really like that brief but splendid answers about inspiration. honeypunk1: I am inspired by my handsome husband and rock’n’roll

or Shadowpuppets’ words: “My inspiration is my family – children and my husband, literature and shadow puppet theater of all over the world”. It can be seen in every wonderful item they made.

It’s amazing that our little children make us develop and improve our business and skills. LaFiabaRussa wrote me that she wanted to have harmless toys for her baby boy. She was moved by the wish to be sure about the quality of materials and techniques for them to correspond to the baby age who intended to taste everything on teeth. And her elder daughter being a creative person demands aesthetic quality of toys and gives an useful advice. Reading this I become sure about these cute dolls. And you?

As for me, I opened my shop some months ago with nice bright tees with owls, ABC and numbers adapted for little ones. And the sweetest award is that my son was happy to have one of them!

Our family is so inspiring – it’s easy to create when you feel their love and help. What do you think, do they deserve an extraordinary apple pie? :)

Stay inspired!

Lily (


TonyaUtkina said...

So many great finds!

oksanai said...

Thank you very much for the article.
this is true, our children we dictate lifestyle, our classes and our hobbies.
their successes make us happy and inspiring Ольга Крупина said...

прекрасная статья! Fine article!

Natalka Pavlysh said...

great article! thank you for sharing!

IrinaN said...

Great article!

Yana said...

Wonderful article! Thank you for sharing inspiration!

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