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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wonderful things Wednesday - Stone of the Month: Sapphire!

Sapphire is the most precious and most desirable of the blue gemstones. This is one of the most popular stones in jewelry making and is one of the gem varieties of corundum.,%20rusteam&ref=sr_gallery_4

Some facts about sapphire:

The name Sapphire means Blue Stone in Greek.
Red or dark pink varieties are called rubies.

Sapphires can be also blue, yellow, green, white, colorless, pink, orange, brown, purple, gray and black. The most desirable color is pure cornflower blue.,%20rusteam&ref=sr_gallery_14
The most desirable sapphires used to come from Kashmir, India.

Sapphires were first synthesized in 1902 by French chemist Auguste Verneuil. In 2003 the world’s production of synthetic sapphire was 250 tons and it was mostly produced by the USA and Russia.

Here is our blue collection today – enjoy!

1. Blue Lagoon Hand Painted Silk Scarf by SilkMagic
2. Fridge magnet recycled glass bubble blue by GiftsUnder10

3. Blue Link bracelet by AroundBeads

4. Necklace blue fiesta by Beautyland
1. Crochet Art scarf by VitalTemptation
2. Deep navy blue flower clip by Cushyadornments

3. Sapphire Blue Teardrop Glass Bead Bracelet by Daimblond

4. Royal Blue Ring Pillow Bearer Flower Freshwater Pearl by VioGemini
1. Phone or Ipod Suede holder by FunEmbroidery
2. Deep Blue Earrings by TonyaUtkina
3. Chained Rose necklace by StudioElenus
4. Bracelet Sapphire by Vikulya


daimblond said...

thank you, Katrin!
shared on twitter

MyWayToSay said...

Such a beautiful pictures ! Love sapphires!

GalaFilc said...

Wonderful items!

Vikulya said...

Amazing items!
Thanks a lot for including my bracelet!

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