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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wonderful things Wednesday - Expensive things we want

We all are making our wish list with the holidays rapidly approaching. What’s in there? What are you going to get for yourselves? for others?

While doing that, didn’t you ask yourself why people buy an expensive item over an inexpensive one?

Everyone has their own reasons. We are going to name just some of them:

1. The expensive item is probably excellent quality and that’s why it will last longer than a cheaper product.

2. It might be a one of a kind item. You will never see someone else at the party wearing that lovely little black dress, just like yours. Guaranteed.

3. The item might be a hand made that required a lot of work thus making it expensive.

4. Sometimes the materials are rare or expensive, which makes the item expensive.

5. Many times it may be an impulse buy because of love at first sight. Sometimes you can just glance at item and you know you just have to get this one! In the moments like these we hope the money is not a factor for you!

Here is our collection of expensive items – enjoy!

1. Citrine Garnet Ruby artisan pin-up coiled necklace in 14K gold filled - Darlene by Arctida
2. Art of Embroidery GOLDEN VENICE by FineEmbroidery
3. A Wave and a Goldfish Stained Glass Panel by FleetingStillness
4. Wedding Dress Medieval Style by Katrinshine

1. Jacket felted Ochre by JuliaFelt
2. Blue topaz diamond 14K gold pendant by MyWayToSay
3. Nuno felted dress tunic wool silk seamless OOAK Country by Galafilc
4. Felted set - bag and scarf Snowy Winter by Rudman

1. Teddy Bear OOAK 9inch by Oksa
2. Orange Chocolate Lace Crochet Dress, Beret, Booties Set for 3-9 month by IraRott
3. Brand New Luxury Baby Natural Bedding - Blanket/Comforter/Quilt Transformer for Boy by Woolsolution
4. Back-lit wall sculpture - Vertigo by CCYDstudio


IrinaN said...

Lovely collection of great items!

MyWayToSay said...

Love it !! Now I wish wining in a lottery - and off to shop:)) Thank you for this wonderful things!!

TonyaUtkina said...

Thanks for great gift ideas!!! All these items are absolutely stunning!

Vikulya said...

Amazing items!!!!!!My congrats!!

GalaFilc said...

Nice autumn collection!

Fine said...

Awesome collection!

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