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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wonderful things Wednesday - Crochet with heart

Crochet is one of the most popular needlework arts around the world today and has been practiced in Europe since early 1800s. Men & women, youth & adults all are creating beautiful pieces. Many of them came to the hooks at the very young age and learned how to crochet from their mothers. Others fall in love with crocheting in their older years finding this hobby very relaxing and stress relieving.

Many things can be made in crochet, some examples are anything from beautiful lace doilies to the sophisticated scarves and jewelry. You can find some lovely crochet pieces in almost any home today. Some of the pieces you might find in any house might be baby blankets and afghans. These are becoming heirloom pieces that are being passed on by family members for generations. What can be better then a crochet baby blanket and a pair of baby booties as a gift for an expecting mother!

Some of our team members are also dedicated to crochet. Crocheting is part of our lives and heritage. This is something we enjoy and will do for the rest of our lives!

1. Baby Love Red Heart Booties for 0-6 month by IraRott
2. Red crocheted stole by Socksandmittens
3. Black Lace Cotton Hand Crocheted Tunic by Inessa
4. Halloween pumpkins - crocheted earrings by TomBjornDesigns

1. Crochet knitted ruffled handbag tote retro by FlowersbyIrene
2. Crocheted Freeform Necklace Bracelet by HappyfrogfromAlaska
3. Crochet Romantic True Lilac scarf by VitalTemptation
4. iPhone / iPod touch Crochetted Cover Cozy by CuffeShop

1. Crocheted Earrings by Vikulya
2. Crochet freeform brooch with sea glass by JaneBoFelt
3. Victorian crochet scarflette and cuffs ruffle by Allmadewithlove
4. Crocheted Daylight Scarf by CityCrochet


getarround said...

Very nice! Thank you!

SocksAndMittens said...

Thank you so much for including my red stole!

lightkeeping said...

Gorgeous crochet items, love them!

Vikulya said...

Amazing items!
Thanks a lot for including my earrings!

Unknown said...

Amazing items, love the Red crocheted stole and Crocheted Daylight Scarf, but everything is gorgeous too.

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