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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wonderful things Wednesday - Childhood memories

Once upon a time, when the air was clear and fragrant from the flowering white bushes right outside of our window, when the day was long and full of adventures waiting for you right in your own backyard, my mother made a wonderful party dress for me. It was sky blue with white embroidered flowers on it and I felt like a Princess wearing it around the holidays! I was pretty sure I was the prettiest girl around while wearing it!

So many years passed by and I had many other pretty dresses. They were store bought, big name brands and excellent quality but I still remember my first one, homemade with love.

I am sure each one of us has a similar story – we’d love to hear yours! What do you cherish through the years? What did you make for your child that she or he can feel special in? Please share with us!

Today we’d like to represent our Team members creations for the children – enjoy!

1. Baby dress crochet pink by Allmadewithlove
2. White Owl Coverall Hat (9-18months) by NYrika
3. Brand New Luxury Baby Natural Bedding - Blanket/Comforter/Quilt Transformer for Boy by Woolsolution
4. Crazy Frogs Baby Booties for 0-6 month by IraRot

1. Felted hair elastic Rabbir by Jezek
2. Crocheted elastics ponytail flower rose by FlowersbyIrene
3. Mommy and Me Cheerful orange matching set of two adjustable aprons by NStrelkova
4. Earrings micro macrame hemp turtle pink by GiftsUnder10

1. Two white flower daisy hair clip set by Cushyadornments
2. Hair Pin – BUTTERFLY by FunEmbroidery
3. Hand Crocheted Toy by OlgaAlmond
4. Crochet Knit Hat And Mittens Set PDF Pattern by FashionPatterns

Best wishes to You and Yours,

Tanya at Socksandmittens


lightkeeping said...

Oh, such cute items for children! Love them!

Lacey (schoolhousefarm) said...

that sleep sack is adorable!

GalaFilc said...

Nice items for childs!
My boy is big ((((

Diana said...

Very cute! I like those frog booties! I remember my favourite childhood dress too, and is it weird that I still kind of miss it?

IrinaN said...

Very cute collection!

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