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Friday, July 21, 2017

A lavender wand sachet DIY

July is a perfect time to gather some aromatic lavender and make some sachets to refresh your linen closet. You can make then in different ways, like traditional cute mini pillows, poaches and linen ornaments or you can make a lavender wand. 
The photographs below belongs to our team member, Irina from Belarus (JewelryFloren*). She got so many blooms in her garden this year that she was able to make 25 pretty lavender wands  from just 2 lavender bushes.

Here is what you need to make 1 lavender wand like hers:
25 to 30 fresh cut lavender stems
2 1/2 yards of 1/4" wide satin ribbon in color of your choice
sewing thread.

Сlean your lavender stems from the leaves and bottom flowers. Gather them together and tie the stems tight right under the flower heads with a sewing thread. Now, bend the stems to the sides to cage the flower heads inside. Run one end of the ribbon along side the flowers to poke out of the bottom of the flower cage.
Tie your pretty satin ribbon on top of sewing thread and start weaving the other loose end of the ribbon around the top of flower cage using basic under-and-over basket weaving technique. Push the sticking-out flowers back to cage with a toothpick. Keep weaving tightly (very important since the lavender will shrink as it dries) to get a bottle shape.

Tie both ribbon ends tight around the base a few times and make a pretty bow. Isn't it pretty?
Let it dry and it is ready to be used!

*Have you seen Irina's shop? It is full of pretty flowers made of cold porcelain or polymer clay. Bloom which will never fade!
Here you will find a very pretty floral jewelry, hair accessories and decoration pieces. My personal favorite is this gentle winter snowdrops caged in a sphere. What a sweet Christmas ornament!
Best wishes to you, our readers. Enjoy your summer!

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