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Monday, March 5, 2012

Easter egg decor

When it's time to decorate your home for the holidays, nothing is better than doing this with your child. It is fun for both of you and your son or daughter will carry  memories like these all through their life.

So I thought of some easy and fun ways to get ready for Easter and decorate some eggs.

I am giving you an idea how to decorate one egg but you can make as many as you like.

What you will need:

1 hard boiled egg, either dyed or white.
1 paper napkin, white if you are decorating a dyed egg or a pretty pastel color for undyed egg.
A pretty ribbon or raffia, 10" long.
A scissors

Fold the napkin 3 to 4 times, just like you would do a paper snowflake.

Make some cuts on both sides of napkin. Make as many cuts as you want. 

Unfold the napkin. 

Put the egg in a middle and wrap the napkin around it. 

Tie the top with your ribbon and make a pretty bow on top.

That's it! Your egg is so cute!

If you will decorate a bunch of these, put them all together in a pretty basket. They even look like little baby chicks!

Happy Easter, everyone! Have fun decorating!

By Nadia (MamaTita)


Eviltwin said...

great idea! Thank you!

Vargo said...

Easy and fun! Thanks for the idea!

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