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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winter fashion, scarves

Nothing is better than a warm scarf in a winter! Something to cuddle with. Something to look gorgeous in.

Here are our scarves from the Russian Artists Team - to you!
  Enjoy our collection of scarves!

Scarves from (left to right):
1. manonknits 2. cozyseason 3. baymut 4. janebofelt
5. vitaltemptation 6. maliposha 7. citycrochet 8. lanadearg
9. lasunka 10. crafts2love 11. allmadewithlove 12. galafilc
13. mailo 14. Muza 15. frenchfelt 16. proninA


lanadearg said...

beautiful treasury!

CozySeason said...

great finds! thank you for including my shawl!

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