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Sunday, January 15, 2012

My trip to Belgium

Where is your inspiration coming from?  Mine is coming from different sources but one of it is my travel impressions. 
 Last month my husband and I visited two cities in Belgium, Antwerpen and Bruges. I liked both cities very much, they are so wonderful. 
 I liked the old buildings, delicious chocolate, Christmas atmosphere and a girl's best friend, diamonds.
 When we were in Antwerpen my husband and I went to see a movie "In Bruges" after our baby went to sleep in a evening. My husband had seen this movie before but wanted me to see it also. This is an action movie but you can see beautiful Belgian cities too. So later it was nice to see a "In Bridges" poster at the hotel, right next to a reception counter. 
 I liked the charm of Bruges with it's channels, a wonderful market place, silent side streets and cathedrals.
I was really happy to spend some time taking pictures with my camera.
This trip made me feel recharged and full of energy. I was happy to come back home and use my new ideas in my creations.

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My best wishes and happy inspiration,

Yana (nihamaj).


IrinaN said...

This is my dream to go to Belgium! Lovely story!

Luxury by Vera said...

Great story! Beautiful country! I love Belgium chocolate:)

Unknown said...

So interesting travel! Thank you!

Natalka Pavlysh said...

Amazing! Thank you for sharing! Belgium definitely in a lits to visit!

Unknown said...

I wanna to go there))

Jane_Bo said...

very interesting! thank you for sharing!

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