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Friday, October 7, 2011

Interview with a Star - Tanya at SocksAndMittens

If you are looking for the cozy hand knit gifts for your friends and family, SocksAndMittens is the right place to visit. Tanya, the co-owner of the shop is telling us more about her shop today.

- Please tell us a little bit about your shop.
We are a mother and daughter team shop. My mother, Valentyna is a self taught knitter with more than 50 years experience. While my mother is doing all the hard jobs, like working on a technical part of a design and knits the items, I am working on communication with our patrons, advertising, photography, shopping for supplies and of course, I am always thinking of new ideas. 
- Why did you decide on SocksAndMittens as the name of your business?
I love simplicity and I love vintage. When we just opened shop we were thinking of selling just some warm and cozy accessories for the colder times of the year. So I was thinking of the good old times when people were naming their businesses after their products and that is how it came to me. Now we are offering more than just these but we are still happy with our name.

- What is so special about your works and why will people love your items?
We keep our quality high and prices fair. It's hard to keep prices down when everything is going up from the cost of gas, services and supplies. But we are trying hard to keep our customers happy.
- Do you take custom orders?
We love to do custom orders! When your order your item you get to choose the colors and material it's made from, contingent on availability of yarns. In our shop we try to keep on hand the most popular models and colors so custom orders give you more choice.
 Our customers are also a source of our inspirations. They often let us know what they would like to have in their garment and we keep track of desires and trends and often adding this to some in stock items.   
  - What handmade item that you own do you cherish most?
I love my natural hand spun wool ornament mittens my mother made for me in the 80's. We lived in a very cold place at that time and these were life savers. I spent a lot of time outdoors and they kept my hands warm. I live in a desert now and really don't need them but I pull them out every winter hoping to wear them this year. Well, it has not been cold enough for the last 10 years to wear them. :) Maybe, this year? they are gorgeous, well made and still look like new.
 - Where would we see your new products?
I am using Facebook and twitter to advertise our new items as soon as I list them. Also, if you would like to know more about us please visit my blog. I am not the most organized blogger but I am working on it :) 


Fine said...

Beautiful store!
Love it!

manonknits said...

Wow, Tatiana!!! LOVE your works!

Natalka Pavlysh said...

I really like this shop! Great mother and daughter team!

lanadearg said...

I like this shop too. Beautiful works!

AlexMOS said...

Wonderful works! This pleasure to prepare for winter with them.

Yana said...

Such a lovely story and beautiful shop!

Chopard said...

Interesting story. Best wishes to You and Your mother

TonyaUtkina said...

beautiful designs!

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