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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Treasury challenge

Greetings everyone!

We are starting a new TREASURY CHALLENGE game!


We will announce the new treasury's theme on Thursdays. Only one treasury will be the winner and the curator of this treasury will choose the next week challenge!

Everyone who has a shop on Etsy can participate in this game.

The rules are simple:

- Each Thursday the winner of the previous week's contest of the treasury challenge will be announced and the winner will choose the theme of the next challenge for the next week. The theme will be based around a theme that is chosen and everyone else participating will put that inspiration item in their treasury for the next 7 days. The rest of the shops competing will build their treasuries  according to the new chosen theme.

- Create your treasury using the weekly theme and provide the link to your treasury, either here on our blog or on our forum, if you are a member of our team. Always include an inspiration listing to your treasury for the challenge!

- Please do not include your own items in your treasury or include more than 1 item from the same shop to your collection as they will not be counted.

- Use the proper tags and title for your treasury and include 3 weekly challenge tags (tags will vary and will be provided in each new challenge post on Thursdays and also on our Etsy forum)

- One entry per shop only!

- If the treasury item is sold the curator will need to choose another one of his/ hers items to replace your treasury item with the same theme. We will announce the change on our post. 

- Each Wednesday the theme curator will choose a winner. His/ hers decision will be based on uniqueness of collection, proper use of title and tags and how well the treasury represents the theme.

- Treasuries for each contest will be accepted until 12 noon EST on Wednesdays only

- The winner will choose the following week's theme and provide one of his own listings to build the collections around. Also he/her will choose a winner of this game round! If the winning shop or person is not available on Wednesday the captain or a leader of our team will choose the winner, the next theme and  inspirational item.

If you'd like to post the challenge game on your blog, please use our image and provide a link to this post!

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