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Friday, January 7, 2011

Stylish Things: OOAK felted goods at Galafilc

Today, we share a story about Gala who runs great Galafilc shop on Etsy
Galafilc felting fiber artA fairy called Gala lives in a small town in Poland on the coast of the Baltic sea.

She walks in beautiful surroundings, takes photos of white chamomiles and flamboyant poppies, delicate daffodils and royal sunflowers, autumn leaves and ripe ash berries.

And then Gala creates her magic items.
Felted handbag with flowerGala does not need a magic wand to transform a shapeless piece of wool into a delicate flower, poppy field on a bag or a flexible reptile. Galina’s hands can create anything – seamless clothes, scarves, mittens, slippers, hats, brooches, lamps and amazing panels.

Nuno Felted scarf wrap Rowanberry
This is what Gala says about her handmade creations herself:

"I have liked creating things with my hands since childhood. In my school and university years I knitted a lot, everything from sweaters and hats to socks and mittens. A new unique item of clothing was gradually evolving from balls of yarn.

Felted scarf long Snake Skin Scarf
In 2007, I discovered a medium new for me - felting.

By pure accident I saw creations made by my university friend Lena online. They were felted scarves. I became interested how amazing woolen flowers were painted on thin chiffon and decided to try making something similar. Having read all instructions and recommendations available online and bought some wool, I felted my first scarf and flower. I really enjoyed the process of creating these simple things and started looking for materials, techniques and explanations.

Lately I became interested in dying wool and made felted items. This allows to make items even more unique".

Felted necklac Spring EvolutionGala often participates in regional craft fairs and communicates with other felt artists. These fairs enable her to meet her clients and learn their tastes and likes, hear their wishes. This way she can make creations to order.

Felt scarf collar men neckwarmerExhibitions-competitions for amateur artists and craftspeople take place in the local chamber of culture on yearly basis. Gala’s creations have won awards in the category "Artistic fabric" in town and council competitions for three years in a row. This year Gala exhibited her felt painting "Birchwood" at the competition.

Today is the 7th of January – Orthodox Christmas. It is accustomed to give presents to relatives and friends on this day. Galina’s creations could be a perfect gift for this occasion – they are bright, optimistic and will bring a lot of joy to you and your beloved ones.

Nuno felt scarf ruffle colar
Story by Lana (FineEmbroidery)
Translated by Anastasia (Lightkeeping)

This story also available in Russian there


TonyaUtkina said...

Stunning artist! She creates a true ART!

GalaFilc said...

Thank you my friends!
Огромное спасибо за опубликование интервью!

IrinaN said...

Stunning felted art! Gala, I love your craft!

Heather Woollove said...

What a wonderful article, Galina!
You look wonderful, too! XXO-

Csíki mama said...

és csodaszépek a munkáid

Dawn Edwards/Felt So Right said...

Wonderful article on Galina and her lovely feltwork.

blueberrycream said...

Beautiful work!

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