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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wonderful things Wednesday - Fashionable Youth Jewelry

There are some rules for youth jewelry. It has to be:

* Affordable * Colorful * Unique * Fashionable *

Please feel free to add something to this list :)
Thousands of jewelry designers are working on new projects in this area and you can see their new lovely seasonal collections in their stores. Thousand of artists creating new masterpieces and are selling them online or through the wonderful little shops on main streets in charming little cities everywhere... aaahh, you know.

So many young people are very talented and often creating really wonderful pieces of jewelry for themselves and their friends to wear. Like this 14 years boy: Don’t you think he is doing a wonderful work?

So keep your eye on your own child, she or he might be a talented growing artist!

Here is some affordable, colorful, unique & fashionable jewelry creations from the Russian team – enjoy!

1. White Leather Flower Ring by Justlena
2. Red poppy fabric flower snap hair clip by Lightkeeping
3. iPhone / iPod touch Crocheted Cozy Cover - Green Apple by CuffeShop
4. Black hemp jewelry dangle earrings by GiftsUnder10

1. Blue Petals Pendant by AroundBeads
2. Thin Scarf by Bumblestore
3. Crochet flower ponytail cotton purple green set of 2 by FlowersbyIrene
4. Earrings Star's light by Vikulya

1. Earrings wood energy by Beautyland
2. Yellow gentle flower brooch pin by Cushyadornments
3. Red felted Bracelet by JuliaFelt
4. Raising money Mandala wooden necklace amulet by ArtHarmony


SocksAndMittens said...

Lovely jewelry, everyone!

Fine said...

Beautiful collection!

Yulia Kazansky said...

So cute jewelry!

Albina M said...

Excellent collection!
Thank you for including my flower pendant !

IrinaN said...

Lovely collection, Katrin!

GalaFilc said...

Exellent colorfull!

CushyAdornments said...

Beautiful collection!

Sasha Tsyupka said...

So many beautiful items! I like the Mandala wooden necklace the most!

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